This is my Press Kit

Hi. I’m Craig Flipy. I’m a videographer from Portland Oregon. I’ve been making movies for my entire life, and it’s all lead up to this; my documentary, Crappy Little Dreams,

Crappy Little Dreams is a movie that follows me on two epic moped trips ten years apart. In 2005 I filmed my moped trip from Southern California to the Olympic Peninsula in search of bigfoot. Ten years later I got on the moped again to relive my original journey and ask the question; Why do I keep chasing such crappy dreams?

But Crappy Little Dreams is more than just a roadtrip movie. It features footage from my childhood, my “Time to Destroy” period in NYC and LA, and interviews with inspirational weirdos I meet up with along the way. This is a unique production but in a lot of ways my story is universal. Lots of people come to a point in their lives when they have to decide if it’s worth it to follow their path, even though they don’t know where it will lead.

This movie has been years in the making, I want to share my story in hopes that it inspires others. Everyone has crappy little dreams, but not everyone is stupid enough to live them.


Image Gallery

Check-out my Crappy Little Dreams movie poster, behind-the-scenes photos, and you can even see young Flippy.